Do We Have A Meaningful Life Meaning

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Many people would believe in the idea that having love in their lives makes them feel complete. That the best form of happiness is companionship, whether it is found through a relationship with friends, family or a spouse. When birthdays and other special occasions occur, we choose to spend them with our closest loved ones rather than alone. So, is this what gives our lives meaning? Do we require the love and affection from others in order to feel fulfilled with a sense of purpose?
Many people have aspired to figure out their purpose in life, as well as many philosophers have attempted to answer these question with several different conceptions. Irving Singer was a philosopher who argued that love is vital to a meaningful life, that having
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He believes that love is the means to a meaningful life. “For a person in love, I remarked, life is never without meaning,” (pg 2). Being in love gives a person something to live for, they have something to put their attention and energy towards. Thus, having love in your life, gives you a purpose. This is because you feel the need to do something with your actions. “In its own wat it may underlie all other forms of meaning,” (pg 2). It is believed that we seek love our whole lives, whether we do this consciously or subconsciously. We constantly seek for someone to love us and for someone for us to love. This is to help give us a sense of purpose in …show more content…
Having a healthy relationship with the people we care about are important for our growth and development. It is noted that infants are born with the need to be attached to their mothers. “The meaningful tie between mother and child is determined by the fact that each participant offers love while also wanting to be loved usually by the recipient of its own love,” (pg. 5).
We cannot survive without love; it can be argued that we are biologically wired this way. As humans we require human intimacy with others, that it is as important as having food or water (Enns 2018). Having someone to care for, that cares for you respectively is vital. This example of a mother and child relationship emphasizes Singers argument that human beings want to receive the same amount of love that they put in another person.
Singer argues that we are all motivated by the by the desire to be loved that sometimes it may falsify our perceptions. It can be inferred that Singer would believe that an individual would go to supreme lengths in order to receive love from someone they care about. Love can be deceptive, and this can be because we only show love because we want to get the same amount back (Enns 2018). There is a power struggle when it comes to love because people strive to control how others portray them. It is also because they want they same type of love to be

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