Iphone Ethical Dilemma

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Guan Wang
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Business Ethic Assignment

Case1: Building a “backdoor” to the Iphone: An ethical dilemma
1 How to Recognize • Define the ethical dilemma from all perspectives. Is this an ethical dilemma? It is an ethical dilemma because the U.S. government and the FBI sought and demanded Apple’s help in unlocking the iPhone of a terrorist involved in a terrorist attack. FBI think Apple provide vital insights into the motives of the attack, as well as to provide crucial evidence regarding terrorist networks and activities. The FBI think that the new IOS software can help agents unlock the phone and access the information on it as a one-off case. However, the CEO Cook of Apple refused to acquiesce to the government’s demand, citing
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3: pros: Without Apple’s company, FBI still can get terrorists’ information and get each location that they shown or trade.
Cons: Terrorists may find similar people to fake them or use different card to trade.
5.Decide the Implement Decision • Describe which alternative you will put into action and why. This should be well thought out In my point of view, I prefer the third one. Apple do not need to worry about customers’ privacy and still build their core value, they can keep a trust climate between customers and the company. On the other hand, FBI can obtain the information legally. In addition, it is easier for FBI to directly locate terrorists information rather than check a large Apple data. FBI also can obtain terrorists trading information and not only limited online activities. Thus, this is a better way to solve this problem.
6. Evaluate Consequences • Describe what you think was the outcome of the alternative you put into action. This should be well thought
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In my alternative solution, it is a good way to solve because FBI can use this way like” God’s eye” to locate terrorists’ all the information. Thus, I think it is perfectly solve the ethical issue.

Case2: Maynard leigh Associates: Consultant Preneurs’ Dilemma of purpose or profit
1. How to Recognize • Define the ethical dilemma from all perspectives. Is this an ethical dilemma?
It is an ethical dilemma issue. The MLA company have faced a problem that either they compromise on their values or lose their current and potential business from their clients. They have problem on facing sacrifice their profits for reputation or make money more important than company core value.
2. Clarify the Facts • Describe four or more known facts in this case
Vipul Malhotra, an MLA employee, had delivered a workshop on presentation skills, telling Gupta and Arora that the workshop participants did not need the training and that the client has wasted its money.
MlA’s recruitment process was very rigorous. The firm hired people only when the candidates exhibited the organization’s values.
Gupta and Arora were caught off guard when they realized that the primary roadblock to the organization’s success was none other than the CEO

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