Essay on Investigation Of A Investigation On A Criminal Case

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People might think when they hear about an investigation on a criminal case or any type of investigation it might sound quiet easy but it real life is not that easy due to the things you have to follow through to have a successful investigation and find everything you need. By conducting a successful preliminary investigation is what will make the investigation to start processing. Preliminary investigation is what is the most appropriate step to follow when the crime is committed. Everything starts when the officer is dispatch with the information that the dispatcher gathered once the first responder officer is dispatch to the scene. Once the first responder officer arrives to the scene fist thing he needs to do when he approach the scene is look around the area where the crime happened and keep his eyes open to see anything that is happening around the activity that looks suspicious while he on the scene or even when he is on his way to the scene. The second step is to identify the victim by the littlest details the first responder officer ask it could be helpful and find who ever did it. Of course by asking the simplest question for example how the person looked what was she or he wearing by the time the crime took place etc those type of questions. No matter how unimportant it might been but sometimes when the victim who has been assaulted he or she might be traumatized and it might be hard for he or she answer any question asked with full details. Not every crime will…

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