Investigating The Beneficial And Non Beneficial Of Fuel Cells And Associating It With Fossil Fuels

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In this issue investigation, the essay will be focussed on and discussing the beneficial and non-beneficial of fuel cells and associating it with fossil fuels. But first, you might query what fuel cells and fossil is? Well fuel cell is an electrochemical energy stratagem that converts hydrogen fuel as well as oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water. While on the other hand fossil fuel are the products fossils that are really old. For instance the animal and plant fossils but however, the three main sources of fuel are coal, natural gas and oil/petroleum. (, 2014)
As it is known, there are many different types of fuel cells but however, they work slightly different in a way. Hydrogen atom goes into a fuel cell at the anode which is a positive electrical charge and oxygen enters the fuel cell at the cathode which carries an electrical charge. So basically fuel cells are just like batteries and this is because they all are electrochemical cells while on the other hand, as it is described fossil fuel is a burning of methane (CH4 or the natural gas)
C + O2 CO2
CH4 + 2O2 CO2 + 2H2O
As the equation above display, the reaction is releasing energy.
(, 2014)

Hydrogen fuel cell is a renewable gas and this means that it can be use over and over again unlike fossil fuel. The hydrogen gas is a very important gas and this is because they are pollutant free which is similarly known as zero…

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