Intuition And The Right Path Essay

753 Words Sep 29th, 2015 4 Pages
Did you ever wonder why you look at something like a math problem and immediately know the answer without too much thought? Then you have found your 3rd eye, or as many know it as your intuition. You may know your intuition by other things like your gut, or destiny. Your intuition lets you think unconsciously since its memories from your past, or even perhaps a past life (if that’s what you believe in). One’s intuition can give someone a brilliant idea and then start brainstorming with that idea. Your intuition won’t solve everything every time though, but it will give you a head start on the right path.
There are many ways people use their intuition in everyday matters. Some may think that your intuition isn’t that important, but I can guarantee it that you use it every day and with important stuff. Your intuition is like a backup hard drive for brain like for example, you scan a maze for a minute and begin to walk through it. You know the first few turns’ cause that is where you focused mostly on as a start, but then you hit that one turn where you are lost. You are not very sure which way to turn so you trust your instinct that you will find the right path and continue forward. Some may not even stop and just continue forward with a thought feeling as if they have done this before. It doesn’t always work of course since it is subconscious thinking and your intuition may only remember a wrong turn. Your intuitive thoughts can be strongest with something you…

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