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Interview Skills
Briefly explain how you would go about assessing this client’s developmental and mental health status.
In a counselling session with Tim I would allow him to talk in as much detail as he liked about his situation. There would be certain questions I would want to ask him regarding his developmental and mental health. I would make sure I was relaxed and natural in order to make him feel comfortable, and not feel as though I was pressuring him for answers. I would use mainly open questions to do this and also maybe some closed questions. I’d paraphrase back to Tim to make sure I had everything exactly right, reflect some of his feelings and summarise when necessary.
I’d also ask him questions about his time in
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I need to discuss with Tim about his referral. He could benefit from another service a lot more. I talk to my supervisor and refer him on.
Briefly explain how you could clarify whether the counselling you can offer is suitable for this client.
The counselling I can offer Tim isn’t suitable. I have taken gender, age, education, culture and his mental health condition into consideration and have decided that Tim could benefit more from being referred onto someone else that is more qualified in dealing with mental health issues.
Briefly describe how you could recognise and refer potentially serious issues for this client in line with organisation requirements.
Tim might benefit from a few different services rather than just one. A psychiatrist or doctor could be helpful if Tim needed any medication for his mental health condition. A psychologist could help Tim work through his issues like him thinking he has an awful secret he has to hide from everyone, and with his depression and low self-esteem. A careers advisor could also be useful to help him get a decent job that he can be happy with and to help him decide what he wants to do career wise.
briefly describe the skills you would use with this client to help clarify his problems and develop a counselling relationship.
I would be empathetic towards Tim, he’s had a ruff time. I would use open and closed questions, paraphrase the content

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