Essay on Interview On The Mock Interview

1419 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
The mock interview was very informative and it was a learning experience for me. This was the first time I had ever done a mock interview. I always had thought that my interview skill were pretty good. But it was not until I went to the mock interview did I realize that my interviewing skills were well below average. The interviewee asked questions that I have heard before interviews and I would answer them accordingly. After each answer she would give me feedback by giving me answers that I should have said instead and if my answer were good she would also let me know.
The prep work did help because it helped me prepared for the real interview that I would be having on October 22nd with a company called Haskell. It was a construction engineering company and after interviewing with them here at Texas Tech, they called me in for another interview at their Dallas office. So when I did my prep work I had to do it accordance to the question that they would asked me at their office. So I told my interviewee of my situation and she told me that most of the time, when they call you in to interview at their office, you will have to interview with multiple people and answer conceptual question such as the strength and week question. So for the mock interview, the interviewee and I focused on those typed of question and surely enough when I interviewed with Haskell it was everything like the interviewee said it would be. I would not do anything differently because being prepared was…

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