Essay about Interview On A Friend 's Interview

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Significant other interview shows the true relationship of one person to another person. The interview is by the people like grandfather and son or any person that is in the family for more than 4 years. Another example can be that the daughter can interview her family like a grandmother, grandfather, or even mom and dad. The interview can last for about a half an hour. Many interviews show what is being said that is happening with their life. The interviewer will get to ask the questions and hear the answer from the other person who is interviewing with. This feedback or response can have many outcomes of answer like what is the happiest moment of your life? Or what is the saddest of their life? Finally, the interviewer can learn and take in the messages of what their life have been through since they were a kid to now. In my experiment, I interview my mom because she has the loving kindness to the family and me. At first, I want to pick my father too but I let the older brother pick first because he is a caring brother to me. Getting into the good part is when picking questions to ask my mom because I have to make it interesting to me and my mom too. If it not interesting is like when I cannot make her think critical answer because I already know that is just got off from work. Using the website as an example questions that the teacher gave us are the Storycorps, I had an easy time to choose what to ask my mom. Sometimes, I have to remember to translate some of the…

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