Essay about Interview Is The Key Part Of The Hiring Process

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Sit back and imagine what really happens when an organization grants an applicant 's the opportunity to interview for the job you applied for recently. Just receiving the notice is a major step that is alerting you that your resume was selected, then you are going to another phase of the hiring process. Now we all agree how the interview is the key part of the hiring phase to get selected as the person to gain the job they are being interviewed for. While it is apparent how most jobs seeking applicants view interviews as stressful to some degree, however, they are not aware there are an intentionally designed interview method to assist the person conducting the interview away to pinpoint the right person out of the group of persons being interviewed. Let’s go over a few intents of the person who will conduct the interview, alone with a few factors of the interview process and the purpose. In many cases the basic principle of the interview is to gather information about the applicant that would lead to a hiring decision, during this process it is ideal to gather facts about how an applicant behavior under stressful moments, technical skills and their ability to function in a few situations. I assume it depends on the particular job opening in order for the interviewer to determine which type of interview method to use during the interview. Keep in mind that there are a variety of ways for an interviewer to conduct interviews; which are screened and hiring…

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