Interview History Essay

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Timany Jones


November 7, 2012
Thomas Dunford

Reagan Remembered Interview

I chose to interview one of my customers from work. His name is Nick Connors and he has always been very involved and interested in events that occur within the United States. I informed him I needed to conduct an interview about his recollections of Ronald Reagan and the 1980’s and he was more than happy help me out. The questions I asked him during our interview are as follows: Me: What do you remember about the economic policies during Ronald Reagan’s term in presidency? Nick: “To put it in a brief synopsis he was very much a capitalist. He believed in capitalist economics. It replaced the Keynesian economics.
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Nick: “Reagan had a few entitlements but not many. He was a type of person that believed in not having of Social Security and other entitlements as an only means of retirement. He never wanted do away with Social Security, but wanted people to only use when needed. He wanted people to plan for their own futures and not delve off of government entitlements.” Me: What happened with raising the debt? Nick: “If I remember right, he was under the impression of putting more people to work instead of taking more money for government use. The less money he takes out of pockets for taxes the less you have to spend. The more money you have the more you spend, which is good for the economy, which affects the debt of the country.” Me: What about military spending? Nick: “He believed in a good strong military, he was the one that said we ought to go more into Star Wars. A strong military meant that our economy would be much better. Spending much money on a battleship helped with the economy. Instead of having five ships in a few locations we needed ten. It showed strength in our country rather than weakness. It strengthened us in foreign affairs and made other countries come to us for answers. Reagan had no problem spending on military.” Me: What happened with cutting the size of the government? Nick: “He definitely felt that cutting the size of the government would ultimately increase

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