Essay on Interview Analysis : A Interview

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My main reason to learn what participants thinks about the giftedness in early childhood. Therefore, interview is a great tool for me to achieve that goal. The semi structured interview are will be the center of this mini study, since guided interview allows researcher to follow format to utilize with all participants (Litchman, 2013). Even though the participants know the purpose of the interview, I will begin the interview by providing information about (a) why conducting the study, (b) what I will do with the information, (c) how long the interview will take. Then, I will start interview with the general personal questions in order to develop a rapport with participant. The open ended interview questions are composed under four big themes or areas, which are
a. meaning of giftedness and giftedness in early childhood
b. characteristic of gifted
c. education of the young gifted
d. differentiation: if participant differentiates her lesson plans for the gifted students
During interview, I will record the session to my password protected tablet, with the permission of the participant. In addition, I will take notes and follow the interview protocol (Please, see the attachment). I will end the session by with a closing question “Is there anything you want to add?”
At the end of these interviews, I am expecting to have an information about the understanding of early childhood preservice teachers about giftedness in early childhood years and what they consider about…

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