Essay on Intervention Of Intervention Plan For Teresa

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Intervention plan for Teresa
Samantha Markham
Kaplan University
Unit 6 Assignment
November 28 2016

Intervention plan for Teresa Teresa is a client that is doing good with the intervention plan that was put in place for her. She has made some mistakes while on the intervention plan yet has still strived to do very well. Teresa had a part time job as a Day Care worker that she was previously terminated from, Teresa was also living in public housing but due to letting her Uncle live with her that has two felony drug charges it caused Teresa to be evicted from the public housing. After several attempts to reach Teresa on the phone she came into my office two days late and has bruising on her body. I asked Teresa what happened and she responded to me that she fell, having a feeling she was not being truthful I continued to ask more questions and she finally revealed to me that she did not just fall her boyfriend pushed her. Teresa insists that it was her fault because she made him angry and she knows better than that. Teresa says she does not want to lose her boyfriend because he is going to buy her children school clothes and he pays the bills for her. My hopes are that a new intervention plan will aide in removing Teresa and her children from the crisis she is currently experiencing. The main problem in this scenario with Teresa is she is in a abusive relationship. Continuing to live in this situation she is at risk for more abuse and so are her children. Teresa’s…

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