Intervention And The Changing Roles Of Schoolwide Personnel Essay

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The article, Response to Intervention and the Changing Roles of Schoolwide Personnel, was based on research that was conducted at a school to provide an in-depth understanding of the roles and responsibilities of educators, including principals (all school personnel). This study offered valuable insight about the dedication and motivation it takes for a school to effectively implement the Response to Intervention Framework. Furthermore, this article defined Response to Intervention and highlighted the need for educators to have an in-depth knowledge of literacy development and instruction, differentiation of instruction, collaboration and communication.

Response to Intervention is a comprehensive and systematic approach educators use to provide appropriate intensive assistance to students with language and literacy problems though various differentiations/modifications and assessments. This framework was introduced in 2004, after there was an increase in the number of students who were nominated for special education services. Many officials believed if the approach, Response to Intervention, was effectively implemented throughout schools, there would be a significant decrease in the amount of underperforming students. Response to intervention is composed of three tiers: “Tier 1 or primary instruction provided for all students; targeted or supplemental intervention, Tier 2; and Tier 3, intensive intervention.” Students who fall within Tier 2 or 3 would require…

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