Interpersonal Communication: Three Characteristics Of Verbal Communication

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Verbal and non-verbal communications are the connections between two or more people with the exchange of thoughts, messages or information. There are three forms of communication that require skills on both the sender’s and receiver’s part.
Regarding the three forms of communication, the first is interpersonal communication. According to Sarah Trenholm, interpersonal communication is “generally reserved for two-person, face-to-face interaction and has several unique characteristics; such as, direct, personal, immediate, spontaneous, and informal” (Trenholm, 2014, pages 132-133). During interpersonal communication, there is a message sender, the encoder, and message receiver, the decoder. To have successful interpersonal communication, both the sender and receiver need to understand the
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My spoken language, unspoken language and, listening skills have improved throughout the years, also making my relationship skills better.
The second form of communication is group communication. Group communication is defined as “groups containing between three and 20 people. Quality group communication involves a facilitator and group members with a sense of belonging, common goals and mutual respect. Both verbal and nonverbal communications are components of group communication” (, 2015). Characteristics that describe me are shy, nervous, caring, dedicated, and strong-willed. With these different personal characteristics, my overall skills, in this form of communication, are fair, with my strongest skills being an active listener, a problem solver and, decision maker. I prefer actively listening to others in the group, rather than speaking up, for fear of saying something out of line, helping to solve problems that might arise and, contributing to exploring and analyzing options to make sound decisions. When participating in a group, the roles I tend to take on are a group member, organizer, and peacekeeper, with each fitting in with my personal

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