Essay on Interning At Vital Connections, My Biggest Challenge

1499 Words Apr 17th, 2016 null Page
Interning at Vital Connections, my biggest challenge will be developing a new supervisor/intern relationship with my new field supervisor. This being that my current supervisor is planning to begin her new job before the fall semester begins. I think this will be a challenge because we have grown close to one another as the months have passed by throughout the semester. Also, I believe learning more about the agency will be a challenge because of the fact that my field supervisor knows a lot about the agency; being that she has been stationed here for about two years. The new field supervisor and I will be learning about the agency at the same time; possibly bringing “deal breakers” into play. A deal breaker I feel may cause me to change placements is not fully gaining the learning experience I need. This is because interning at this agency is my opportunity to learn certain things a book cannot teach. I am one who believes that experience is the best teacher; therefore, if I do not gain the experience I am seeking, my professional career may suffer. This will be due to an inadequate field experience. Also I feel frequent miscommunication will be a deal breaker because there is a possibility my new field supervisor and I will not work well with each other, due to the fact that I am one who does not perform well if miscommunication exists. In order to overcome this situation my new field instructor and I will have to, “Communicate clearly my expectations for the…

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