Essay about Internet Privacy and Security

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Have you ever bought anything on the Internet with your credit or debit card? Do you think other people wouldn't like to buy things with your cards, too? Have you ever given out personal information to register for a contest or special event on the Web? If so, beware. In this paper, I will attempt to explore various privacy and security concerns facing both businesses and consumers when they take part in electronic commerce. Although the Internet offers a wonderful social, personal, and business opportunity, it is also laden with hackers, plotters, and schemers. This paper will examine some of the challenges posed by these shady individuals and look at measures Internet users can take to avoid becoming their victims.
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At the same time, identity theft has become an increasing concern for many consumers. According to a recent FTC report, there are approximately 9.3 million identity theft victims each year resulting in about $53 billion in losses (Anonymous 2009).

Hardly a day goes by without yet another news story of a data security breach exposing or compromising thousands or even millions of customers' personal information. The issue of online privacy is continuing to evolve as the Internet and the Web grow in importance as tools of communication and commerce. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 is the main law governing privacy on the Internet. In recent years, a number of legislative proposals have been advanced that specifically address online privacy issues, but thus far, none have withstood constitutional challenges. The Internet has also changed traditional assumptions about privacy because it allows people anywhere in the world to gather data online in quantities that would have been impossible a few years ago. For example, real estate transactions are a matter of public record in the United States, and many counties have made these records available on the Internet. So now a researcher can examine thousands of real estate transaction records in hours without traveling to a single county office. Many privacy experts see this change in the ease in data access to be an important shift that affects

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