International Student Recruitment Strategies For Colleges Essay

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International student recruitment strategies

For reputed colleges and universities globally, admission of international students has transformed from an unpredictable bonus to an essential requirement. They have found that international students don’t just walk in to be enrolled; they have to be lured into campuses. Prospective students have many options and can pick and choose from among different countries and universities.
But thankfully for colleges, international student mobility has been increasing every year and is expected to touch 8.5 million by 2025, according to the OECD’s Education at a Glance 2013 report. The main market is Asia, with 50 percent of students enrolling from the region, with China, India, and South Korea accounting for over 25 percent of all students studying abroad.

However, the reliance on these dominant markets has alarmed market watchers who are advising colleges to look at Africa and Latin America more closely. Meanwhile, countries other than the traditional educational destinations are vying for a share of the market—China, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, for example.

Competition is goading colleges to tone up their international student recruitment strategies. In higher education, prospective students are potential customers, and the good old basic rule of customer engagement applies here, too: find out what they want and tweak your product/service.

For colleges hoping to recruit international students, an important consideration is…

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