Liberal Feminism Essay

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“In what ways, if any, is the discipline of international relations exclusionary” answered in reference to: feminism
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Feminism is a political and social movement. The definition of feminism is complex and varies significantly in accordance with the different types of feminists, but broadly speaking, feminism can be defined simply as a movement towards equality of the sexes and the elimination of subordination and inequalities women face, as a result of their gender (Beasley, 1999, p.27). As a result, there is no universally accepted definition of feminism, however, feminists all agree that international relations is exclusionary. From this point of view, this essay will focus on how, according to feminists, the discipline of
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Liberal feminists state that if legal obstacles are overcome, then women 's subordination will be eliminated and they will have equal rights and opportunities to men (Tickner and Sjoberg, 2011, p.6). Liberal feminists argue that if legal obligations are no longer a preventative issue for women in international relations, then they are able to enter the discipline (Enloe, 2014, p.5). However, feminist academic Enloe (2014, p.5) claims that not all females are invisible in the world of international politics with females such as Hillary Clinton and Theresa May being very prominent and powerful in their specific field. This has led to a greater representation, for instance, the number of female MPs has increased in the last 15 years by 4.1% (The Fawcett Society, 2016). Liberal feminist scholars argue that the increase in the representation of women is the result of the “add women and stir” perspective in which as a result of some prominent women being added to the mix of international relations, has encouraged more women to enter into politics with a new found interest in which women now have an increased perceptibility and a louder voice in international relations (Kerber, 1997; Welter, 1966 cited in Noddings,

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