International Problems Of Police Brutality Essay

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Journal 2
International Problems
ISIS/ Terrorism
Foreign policy
National Problems gun laws police brutality/racism
2016 Election
Domestic violence large college debts
Local problems
Sovereignty public schools/ bad education drug abuse
Personal problems living on my own/living with roommates finding a job picking a major money No nurse aid on campus

1.The first time I noticed there was no nurse aid on campus was when my roommate had an infection in her ear. She was freaking out and getting worked up, so i had to calm her down and walk her to our CA. our CA had said that there was nothing he could do and I rhetorically had to answer my own question of going down to the security office. The worst part about there not being somewhere for the students to get treated is that we don’t have one. My roommate had to uber to Queen’s medical and was there for more than 4 hours. Now I have been told that reasons that we can’t have it or shouldn’t; like we are living on our own now you wouldn’t have a nurse in your apartment building. True. But this is a problem because the school have 3,000 students under their care, and about 300 are at the Aloha tower dorms with no way of the school helping students receive proper medical attention. It makes me a little irritated.

2. I think one way of dealing with this problem is to have a nursing station. We have many pre-nursing majors and a great program why not give them some training. Another…

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