International Human Resources Essay

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International Human Resources Management (IHRM) definitions are wide-ranging and for some, IHRM issues explore aspects of Human Resources Management (HRM) in Multinational Enterprises (MNE)’s (Briscoe 1995) while others ‘strategic international human resource management (SHRM) is no more than the application of SHRM to the international or global business context’ (Nankervis, Compton & Baird 2002, p.617). Much IHRM work has focused on the areas of international staffing and management development, however, IHRM should not neglect many related areas (Rowley & Benson 2002). Another approach focuses on comparative industrial relations (IR) and HRM, where attempts are made to describe, compare, and analyse HRM systems and
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Thus, when one of the service and one of the dairy company were trying to internationalize as quickly as possible and were much more proactive in their strategies than their more long-established counterparts. This need to internationalize rapidly also meant that these companies had to design and implement specific IHRM policies and systems; their more established counterparts relied extensively on the experience they had gained over time in dealing with problems and issues. The early models of internationalization, based on an assumption of sequential evolutionary development, are limited: ‘the number of stages involved varies from firm to firm’. (Welch, 1994: 151).

Strategy and Structure

Welch contends that ‘strategy and structure can dominate at a given point in time and thus influence the IHRM activity’ (p. 154). There was evidence of the impact of both strategy and structure in the four Australian firms researched. For example, the dairy companies were fairly small and had entered the international market very aggressively. They needed to expand rapidly in order to survive and had developed their HR policies to cope with this expansion. The larger firms, operated a more decentralized approach towards internationalization. The research also suggest that the first target country for the newly international firm and the number of

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