International Human Resources Management : Ericsson Essay

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The author’s company of choice to discuss is Ericsson, the company that the author had worked for during the last 14 years and experienced many changes related to International Human Resources Management (IHRM) procedures. Ericsson is a leading provider of communications equipment, related professional services and multimedia solutions to operators of mobile and fixed networks worldwide. Over 1,000 networks in more than 175 countries utilise Ericsson equipment which serves over 1 billion customers telecommunications needs worldwide. Ericsson employs over 115000 people making Ericsson a truly large multi-national corporation. During the past years of the author’s employment, many changes transpired in terms of (IHRM). Pre 2000 the Human Resources department was based locally in Dublin; however Ericsson adopts the ethnocentric methodology when it comes to managing its subsidiaries and the HRM was eventually relocated to Sweden.

The benefits of embracing an ethnocentric methodology has the capacity to be viewed when a firm needs to create institutionalised items or when the host nation needs innovative expertise in which cases utilising staff from the Head Quarters (HQs) can promise consistency, as per Francesco and Gold (2005). Along these lines, it can be unmistakably reasoned that Ericsson who appears to embrace such an ethnocentric methodology or method to dealing with its staff comprehensively, principally looks to incorporate its Human Resource Management…

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