Internal Medicine: Personal Statement

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As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I feel this statement applies to my insatiable desire to pursue my dreams of becoming a good physician in the field of Internal Medicine, an adventure where there are many challenges to face
Although medicine was always around me since my childhood in the form of both of my parents being doctors to a hospital attached to my childhood home. I didn’t really consider being a doctor till an incident happened. In the 9th grade, I joined Indian Red Cross Society First Aid certification program where some basic first aid measures for emergency situations were taught. It helped me save the life of a friend who choked at my birthday party.
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During my graduation, I was posted in a rural area in a community health care center. Although I had limited treatments to offer including aspirin, bandages, and some antibiotics, I liked interacting with the patients. The village rotation taught me how to make use of limited resources and further sharpened my clinical acumen. I came to know about how environment affects our health. I became wiser about the preventive, socioeconomic and demographic aspects of medicine This further enhanced my interest in Internal Medicine. The hard work, patience, and perseverance of fellow doctors in the medical school helped me grow as an individual and taught me the importance of teamwork and doctor-patient relationship. The clinical rotations allowed me to apply these learnings to the real -world of patients and learn about the art of medicine as a profession caring for sick people. I always enjoyed history taking, clinical examination, making a differential diagnosis and ruling them out one by one to arrive at the final diagnosis. The most amazing thing was how a timely diagnosis and treatment could alter the prognosis of the patient drastically. I became curious about various novel treatments and advancement in technology. In the final year of medical school, Internal Medicine became my true …show more content…
The beauty of Internal medicine lies in the range of diverse presentation a disease can present with. It is like a puzzle where you rule out various differential diagnosis by appropriate reasoning and diagnostic investigations. I would love to continue my journey towards my dreams in this continuously evolving profession. Since the US is the source of most of the clinical guidelines, protocols and most of the astute clinicians, it is my ultimate dream to pursue a residency in the US and have a hands on experience. As a hardworking, honest and friendly individual, I have lots of energy and enthusiasm to offer. I am searching for a program in Internal Medicine that helps to sharpen both my clinical skills and knowledge, address my teaching and administrative skills so I may find the beauty that Franklin Roosevelt

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