Reflective Essay: Internal Medicine

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It is not the symptom that defines a patient; it is the broad outlook. I remember my 22-year old patient who had generalized seizures associated with altered mental status and rapidly progressive weakness for all her four limbs. She had a history of seizure disorder that was being treated with medications and she did not have an episode for past 5 years. Her test results came back normal and we were unable to find the underlying cause for her condition. As the resident in charge of her case, I investigated into her medical history and discovered she had episodes of severe abdominal pain and was also photosensitive. Immediately, I thought of Acute Intermittent Porphyria as a possible differential diagnosis. I requested
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I would check the patients, decide the necessary investigations and create a plan of care for each case. I worked closely with the medical team in providing my patient with medical treatment, controlling blood pressure or adjusting their blood sugar medications or deciding antibiotics. I enjoyed in particular, the challenge of utilizing a wide breadth of knowledge and clinical expertise in arriving at a final diagnosis and instituting an individually tailored treatment plan. The diversity of cases, analytical requirements for diagnosis and practice of preventive medicine, created my interest in Internal Medicine practice. I enjoyed spending time with my patients, educating them regarding their current medical condition and providing preventive care. The fact that internal medicine encompasses every other branch of medicine equipped me with the ability to help patients with varied problems. This again strengthened my interest in pursuing a career in internal

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