Intermediate Practicum Reflection

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Intermediate practicum has been a real learning experience, and has helped open my eyes to what I have improved on, as well as what I need to continue to work on. After spending time in Ms. Butz classroom, I was able to watch a professional educator and witness their skills in the field of education. I noticed that in order to teach elementary students, a teacher has to be equipped with a variety of skills, gifts, and I have seen the passion that goes into the vocation. Some of these important skills include patience, gentleness, ability to adapt, and many more. After reflecting on myself, I’ve realized I possess a few great characteristics that I can apply and help create a positive educational experience for students. I am a very compassionate …show more content…
A teacher’s calling is a calling that requires a certain person with the ability to gain a wide range of skills that put the students learning first. Teachers are required to analyze not only the students work, but each student. Each student’s experience with education will be different from others because each brings different background knowledge to the classroom. A teacher has to analyze the students, learn who they are personally as well as their prior knowledge. Teachers need to use their knowledge of how students learn, activate prior knowledge, and scaffold their learning. A teacher needs to know how to build proper relationships with students, their peers, and the parents of the students. Building a relationship with the parents of the students can help the students succeed in school drastically. Parents who are involved with their students learning are typically more concerned about their students and their …show more content…
I really enjoy learning who students are and I am very compassionate person. I have no problem getting to know students and understanding that each student learns differently. My passion is towards education and helping students learn new things that will help drive me towards always improving myself for my students. Professional educators never stop learning and adapting to their classrooms and students. In my practicum, Ms. Butz told me about a few educational training sessions she’s been to that have helped her become a better teacher. I know there are important aspects that I need to work on, and I am going to continue to work on improving and seeking ways to better myself for my students. Organization is an essential part of teaching, and something I’ve always struggled with, and I admit that, but I plan on finding ways to help myself be more organized. I also have done a lot of service selflessly for others for no benefit to myself throughout the Boy Scouts of America program. Selfless service is what makes a great teacher, because they aren’t teaching for themselves, but for their students. They want to give their students the tools required to further their education and understanding of the world. If teacher’s were in the teaching field for personal benefits such as time off, summers off, no holiday work, and thinking it is an easy job,

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