Essay on Inter Professional Practice And Healthcare

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Inter-professional practice is about healthcare workers working with their colleagues or others from different professions. Inter-professional practice is used as a form of communication between all healthcare providers. Specific knowledge and communication are the essential ingredients for the best outcome in treating patients. Without the inter-professional practice that most healthcare systems provide there would be a lack in patients’ health and wellbeing and the healthcare system would not run efficiently. Inter-professional practice is used with different healthcare providers and also patients and their families. With inter-professional practice, healthcare providers are able to gain support from their colleagues and are able to establish rapport and respect for each other and the patient. Inter-professional practice enables healthcare providers to work well together, to be able to analyse problems that occur quicker and be able to work efficiently and effectively with each other.

All healthcare providers play a critical role in the healthcare system, all healthcare provider have a role and responsibility that differ from other healthcare providers. A nurse’s role and responsibility is to be a critical thinker, play a supporting role to patients and their families, have respect for patients, be a motivator, educator, be able to communicate with patients and other healthcare providers, be a team player, be able to perform a physical examination, administrate medication…

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