Intentional Prayer : An Reflection Essay

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Intentional Prayer
This semester and the last several years I have been intentionally praying for my great Aunt Colleen. She has many health issues including arthritis, kidney failure, obesity, and many others. My family has constantly been praying for her to be able to live a long time and be healthy. In the last few years she has been able to maintain a relatively normal lifestyle because of dialysis and water aerobics. She has always been directly involved in my life. She never married or had children, so she views my mother as her daughter and my brother and I as her grandchildren. She is the crazy aunt that every family should have. From her unfiltered life advice to her contagious laughter, her presence is obvious anywhere she goes. Despite her numerous health issues, she remains positive and upbeat. She said many times that she knew that any day could be her last day here on earth and she was at peace with her life because she knew where she was going. Over this semester, she health has gotten worse. In mid-October, she developed an infection in her leg after a biopsy she had this summer. Then her colon became perforated which required emergency surgery to remove her colon. The inside of her colon went all over her body, causing her to develop sepsis. At this point my family started to worry a lot more and tell me to prepare for the worst. I felt so removed from the situation, I had a hard time praying for her. It felt like I lived in another world at school and my…

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