Intelligent Cart

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Abstract-An innovative approach to make the shopping experience a pleasant one was our main theme. Consumers often face a plethora of problems when they shop. Issues like unavailability of relevant stock, difficulty in navigating large stores, inefficiency of sales representatives and waiting endless hours in a queue haunt the shoppers. We have planned an intelligent cart which will direct the customer to buy the product on the go. The main objective of the intelligent cart is to make a technologically advanced, low-cost, easily portable and time efficient system for assisting shopping in-person. The Intelligent cart comprises of these main modules Server communication module, Product identification module. Server Communication module is used to transmit the data read to the …show more content…
This will impact towards our National Economy and society becomes the main end-user of this product.
The ultimate aim of this project is to develop an application that would provide automation shopping cart. Shopping complexes are now being an essential part of daily life. Because of this reason a lot of customers are waiting in the queue for billing. Mostly, the waiting time will irritate the customers which will drastically reflect the fall of sales in the organization. According to the survey that I took in a shopping complex about 20% people are not ready to wait in the queue for billing. The waiting time is caused mainly because they cannot pre-estimate the budget for their shopping hence at the billing they are unable to decide which one to choose and which one to lose. This causes stress and make the other people in the queue highly irritated. Hence the owners of the shop have lost their loyal customers. But the product that I have chosen a method that will pre-estimate the budget and gives an idea to the customer on which one to lose. Also waiting time also gets reduced

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