Integrating Technology Within The Classroom Essay example

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In the last few decades there has been a push for integrating technology within the classroom. “Technologies have become synonymous with living and learning. There has been a push to introduce technology into K-12 classrooms since the 1980s” (Grant, 2015). This technology push has only increase since the last century, educators are no longer responsible for teaching the ‘traditional’ reading, writing, and arithmetic pedagogy of the past. In respect, students are no longer viewed in the same ‘blank slates,’ but as collaborators in their learning. This collaboration is effective in preparing students for the job market of the future, in which these technologies will be ever present and constantly changing.
In the 21st century, teachers and students have access to a constantly evolving series of technologies which has facilitated a continued interest in how to use these types of technology in educational environments. Through the incorporation of educational technology models and theories, the practitioner’s focus is specifically on how technology can be used to improve student performance through processes, procures, and tools. Processes and procedures may comprise any task or intervention involving anything from a simple instructional strategy to a complex instructional system”
(Wade, 2013).
However, successful integration of technology will only occur when educators have a clear understanding of the benefits of such technology and the ability to understand and utilize…

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