Integrated Logistics Systems, Enterprise Resource Systems Essay examples

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One of the most central aspects of integrated logistics systems is the use of computers. Indeed, on some level, the development of computing technology has facilitated the theoretical realization of integrated logistics systems. Yet firms implementing computer solutions for such logistics systems often encounter a conflict, because third-party solutions are seldom individualized and the solutions developed in-house often become resource diversions. This essay offers a literature review as well as recommendations for firms seeking to improve their integrated logistics systems, with an emphasis on specifically designed enterprise systems.
Keywords: integrated logistics systems, enterprise resource systems

Integrated logistics systems are at the forefront of the contemporary supply chain. As the world becomes increasingly globalized, logistics have increased in complexity as well as in importance. The increasing accountability of companies to provide stakeholders and shareholders with lean, agile, resilient and even green supply chains (Azevedo, Carvalho, & Paradigm, 2011; Espadinha-Cruz, 2012) has meant that computer resources support is of greater importance to organizations than ever before. At the same time, however, the burgeoning market for ERM – and the problems it often entails – has meant that this is an increasingly fractious aspect of the integrated logistics system. Computing is of greater centrality than ever before, because it is the computing…

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