Intake Vs Recommendation Intake Based On The Food I Consumed For Three Days

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Introduction Maintaining our health is the most important goal in life. What we eat and how much we eat affect our daily activities. It helps balance the flow of energy in our body as well as the proteins, vitamins, and minerals from the foods we intake daily. Nevertheless, to maintain this goal need attention such as what we intake and how much we consume daily is important. For example, I assumed the foods I intake was great enough to provide more than what I need to maintain my health, nevertheless, it did not meet the recommended level need to be healthy. In this project, it will illustrate the differences between my actual intake versus recommendation intake based on the food I consumed for three days.
MyPlate Analysis
Observing at MyPlate Worksheet, illustrated the resulted between the Intake and Recommendation are far from being close to maintain my health. The theory was doing what I usually do in the past three days meal course will get me enough proteins, vitamins, and minerals need for the body. Nevertheless, comparing the result of MyPlate to the hypothesis, believing that what I consume are enough and very nutritional to be incorrect and less than the Recommendation units. I may consume a vast of protein and vegetable, nevertheless, it does not make up for the minerals and vitamins needed to keep myself wellbeing.
Food Group Intake Comparison to Hypothesis
To test the hypothesis, a three-days food record was constructed and collected to compared the food…

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