Instructional Methods For Teaching And Learning Essay

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As a teacher there are countless possibilities of ways to instruct your students. Depending on what is being taught, as well as the attitudes and abilities of your class, it is up to you to decide which instructional model will work best to unlock your learners potential. One form of instruction is called the direct instructional (DI) model. In this model the teachers and students have a very clear role when it comes to teaching and learning. Teachers are the instructional leaders meaning they structure the lesson and are the “major source of task presentation, and the primary provider of instructional information.” (Metzler, 2011, p. 37). This results in the students’ role being to be receptive, which also according to Metzler (2011) means that their major responsibilities include ”pay[ing] attention” and “follow[ing] directions” (p. 37). As the managers of a classroom teachers must make sure they teach in a way that leads to learning and development, which is why the DI model is recognized by a vast majority of physical education teachers in modern day society.

Rosenshine (as cited in Metzler 2011) identifies the six key operations in a lesson built around the DI model. The first being to “review the previously learned material.” (p. 174). Typically this involves looking back at the previous lesson and the key concepts and essential skills that were covered at that time, then giving a brief overview of the lesson to come. For a teacher, reviewing and asking questions…

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