Inside The Garbage Of The World Analysis

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The film “Inside the Garbage of the World”, directed by Philippe and Maxine is a documentary that focuses on the growing problem of ocean pollution due to excessive plastic consumption. A serious roster of experts: Capt. Moore (Marine Research Institute), Dan Glaser (Surf-rider foundation), Dr. Andrea Neal (Jean-Michel Cousteau), Professor Christopher Cogan (CSU Channel Islands) want to make people aware of the damage they are doing to animals and the planet because of the high concentration of plastic debris and detritus that has accumulated in the North Pacific Ocean due to ocean currents. Pollution in our oceans is a serious problem, because most of the waste that is dumped is plastic, which takes hundreds of years to break down. On the first two minutes of the film, people are describing the situation about the plastic pollution and the effects that this problem …show more content…
There are other issues that affect the ocean too, such as disposal of waste and oil spills, high levels of pesticides and toxins which have been carried to the oceans, dramatically affecting shallow coastal zones, sea grass marine nursery areas, and coral reefs which have caused great and possibly irreversible damage to marine life and could cause extermination of marine life. At the middle of the film, Capt. Charles Moore analyzes and explain the main cause of death animals due to the effects of plastic pollution. He mentions that plastic dissolves into small parts that eventually get to sink into the bottom of the ocean, so animals like fishes, whales, and dolphins are in danger, but not only marine creatures, birds eat those pieces of plastic too and die. Dan Glaser, a member from the surf-rider foundation also states “We found that an average of thirty to seventy five percent of the pollution in rivers and oceans is actually plastic.” Comparing the similarities between ocean and

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