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In the second video I watched, “21st Century Learning”, it mentions that technology is transforming the ways that people work and relate to each other, which means that learning in schools needs to change to adequately prepare students. Education should be much more about ways of thinking, which involve creative and critical approaches to problem-solving and decision-making, must also emphasizing learning. Education should also introduced ways of working through communicating and collaborating, as well as refining the necessary tools for working. These tools include information literacy and ICT literacy. And last but not least students need to develop the skills for living in a multi-faceted world as an active and engaged citizen with personal and social responsibility.
A 21st century learner is able to apply their skills to numerous situations and experiences. Gained new competencies, build relationships and assumed new roles. They are capable of constantly adapting learning and growing in a fast-changing world influenced by technology.
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The skills needed for the 21st century must be essential to watch students are doing in schools. Inquiry-based learning enables teachers to address these schools in a meaningful way, with a student-centered approach and real-world applications. Inquiry-based learning prepare students for an uncertain future are providing an education that supports them to actively engage in their learning, to think critically, to communicate in various ways, to collaborate, and to process information. Inquiry-based learning will prepare students for 21st century

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