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June 7, 2015
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The Importance of Innovation Architecture

Innovation Architecture is the systematic discipline that integrates, configures, transforms, and aligns diverse elements resulting in the creation, design, or building of new sources of organizational growth or wealth. An effective innovation architecture process is the foundation needed to build innovation-led growth. This type of leadership establishes the framework for delivering effective innovation management by product planning, innovation portfolio management, new product development and the lifecycle of ideas to market closure. Savvy leaders shape the culture of their company to drive innovation. No one ever feels like they have time
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The company is trying to create an arena where people can be brought together in surprising ways to innovate. “We try to have as many channels for expression as we can, recognizing that different people, and different ideas, will percolate up in different ways,” Bock said (Laszlo Bock, Senior Vice President of Google's People Operations). Google also has a program called Google Moderator. With this innovation management tool that was designed by Google’s engineers, the employees can have companywide meetings. During these meetings anyone can ask a question and then people can vote on the questions that they would like to be answered. With this tool employees can discover existing ideas, create new series asking for ideas on certain topics or meetings and vote on everything.
A system I believe that could stifle Google’s innovation is the 20%. Although I believe giving employees time to their self to brainstorm is a great idea, there will always be the employees who take that time and waste it, which is a waste of money. I believe that if you do the 20% in more of a group setting, there will be more progress made and less money lost.
Walmart is said to be the world’s biggest retailer and largest public corporation by revenue. The company is known for grocery, general merchandise, pharmacy, optical center, tire and lube express, gasoline, fast food, hair and nail salons, video retail, family fun center and a branch of a local bank. The first Walmart

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