Innovation And The Process Of Innovation Essay

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Literature review on innovation and the process of innovation shows disparity and ambiguity. An analysis of different recognized illustrations of innovation may offer clearer understanding of the process of innovation.
Referring to innovation, Clark, C. H. (1980, p. 18) narrates a real life experience mentioning how the zipper replaced the buttons on men’s trousers, as depicted in Box 3.

The idea generated by the advertising salesman as narrated in the story can be considered an innovation if innovation is defined as “something new being released with (hopefully) added value” (Jacobs and Snijders, 2008). The idea of advertising salesman has ultimately added value to the sales of Hookless Fastener Company.

However, the novel idea appears as a source of innovationon, but not an innovation (Eveleens, C., 2010) based on the definition explaining innovation as “the successful exploitation of new ideas” (UK DTI 2004). It indicates that innovation occurs only through the implementation of novel ideas (Eveleens, C., 2010). Therefore, the idea of the salesman was novel, but an innovation occurred four years later, once that novel idea was implemented.

From strategic point of view, whether it is in business or in social context, thoughts in the form of vision, mission, goals, strategies, and objectives (Miller, A. R., 1998) appear prior to implementation; and implementation appears as a procedural process for achieving those thoughts (Miller, A. R., 1960). Innovation as a…

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