Innocent Drinks Essay

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The company overview
Three ambitious friends, Richard, Adam and John graduated from Cambridge University into professional employment. In the summer of 1998, they spent six months testing various juice recipes on friends, trying to find a successful product. They spent £500 on fruit and tested their recipes on individuals at a London music festival, marking two bins ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and placing a sign next to them reading: “Do you think we should give up our jobs to make these?”. At the end of the day the yes bin was full. They gave up their jobs the following day and Innocent Drinks was formed (innocent, our story)

The creation of this company was difficult for the three friends who had no money, they asked their friends for rich
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(Datamonitor, 2005).

Market share

Innocent Drinks produce a wide variety of products with interests in all aspects of the fruit juice market. Their specialist product, smoothies, has gained a market share of 34% in the last 5 years, becoming the leader in this particular market segment.

Turn over
A company’s turnover is vital to its continued survival and success and can be improved by a successful marketing strategy. In Innocent’s case, the total sales revenue increased over its 6 year life from 0-£ 15m.

Daily Sales figures

Daily Sales figures indicate the popularity and brand success of a product. Innocent achieved sales in excess of 50,000 smoothies per day in 2004, showing an impressive impact on a fiercely competitive marketplace.

Number of retailers

Innocent Drinks sell through over 4,000 retailers in selected key cities[1]. The availability of the product through some national supermarket chains (Sainsbury, Tesco, and Waitrose) reveals huge trust in the brand’s profitability and consumer popularity.


Finally, the highest profile measure of Innocent’s marketing success, is the national recognition and respect the company gained, highlighted by winning 28 awards, including 3 for Best Marketing Campaign, one for Best Poster Campaign for Non-Alcoholic Drinks and various Innovation, Product and Employee Awards.

Innocent Drinks were 50th in the 2004 Marketing Power 100[2] which represents the most influential people

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