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Sustaining the magic at Bang & Olufsen
Thomas Gulløv Longhi and Frank Brandt Kristensen

In the past, Bang & Olufsen (B&O) has managed to adapt to changing market conditions mainly by launching new products with the best available technology and a unique design. In 2007, B&O faced a dramatic downturn due to the global financial crisis and at the same time experienced a paradigm shift in the market with the main drivers based on digital and networked technology. New management, installed in 2008, changed the structure and introduced a new strategic plan, improving efficiency and enhanced product development whilst retaining the focus on B&O’s core
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B&O has further initiated the development of one basic technological digital platform for all the products in the different product domains. In the past, the technology was developed separately for each new product with respect to the design specifications. The design was thus the primary agent, and the technical solution was made to fit the design. There was a constant need to update the many different technologies, which was both costly and challenging when combining and integrating different technologies. The new technological platforms would be based on one standardised platform – ‘the hardware’ – with different kinds of microchips, circuit boards and special software components. This new architectural system would be owned by B&O and enable the company to find strategic partners with in-depth knowledge in special technical areas such as a software protocol for HD. The ability to combine insourced specialised technology with B&O’s own technology would ensure that the company would always be in line with the newest technology. In the future

the goal is to decrease the number of strategic partners by 30 per cent and to establish longstanding relations with key partners thereby securing B&O access to new and specialised technology. The company expects the new

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