Informative Speech Pipeline

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Specific Purpose:
To inform my speech class about the different sides of allowing the Bakken pipeline through Iowa.

Legislators are going to have to put their heads together and weigh the pros and cons of pipeline to make the right decision.

Introduction: Imagine a pipe 30 inches in diameter and 346 miles long stretching through Iowa with oil pumping through it.
Dakota Access, LLC., an energy company, is proposing exactly that to the Iowa legislator.
The pipeline would be transporting Bakkan crude through the state to a distribution hub in Patoka, Illinois (Haley, C. 2016, February 5).
Iowa citizens are currently spit on their ideas of what is right, and have put the legislators in a tough position.
According to a survey conducted
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Transition: One of the main issues legislators are going to have to look at is the jobs the pipeline will bring to the state.

There is no going around it, if the pipeline is built, there will be 2,000 to 4,000 workers in Iowa. (Haley, C. 2016, February 5)
Supporters argue that theses jobs will help our economy and bring people to the state.
The unemployed from other states will come here looking for jobs.
This will bring money to local business and towns that wasn’t their before.
The workers may also find Iowa a great place to stay and make it their permeant home.
The unemployed in our own state will also now have work and help our current state flourish.
While opposers argue that these jobs are short lived and not as good as they may come across.
Once the pipeline is finished, the thousands of jobs will be gone, and the workers will be out of a job.
Most of these thousands of jobs are probably going to go to out of state workers also.
Both of these things will boost our economy for awhile, but once the job is done, it will cause it to
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Farmers will save money this way by not having to pay for that portion of their taxes.
This money goes to local communities and schools to help our state progress.
Farmers will also receive a fair price for their land that will also go back into the economy and benefit our state;
The pipeline could also hurt our state in the long run.
By taking away the land from farmer, they are no longer able to make a profit off of it.
This will take money away from the farmer and our agricultural industry, a major part of our economy.
The pipeline only runs through our state, and there isn’t a continuous income that will come from it.

Transition: Our economy is very important in the progress of our state and communities, and the pipeline could help and hurt it.

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary dictionary, eminent domain is the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation
Opposers of the pipeline claim that eminent domain is being abused.
If a farmer refuses their land the state can take it with eminent domain.
This is not for public uses and is argued that it isn’t

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