The Case Of Winona Laduke Of The Anishinabek People

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Think about the year, 2016. The current state of the country seems to be in upheaval in regards towards civil liberties of any form. I would like to speak on a particular civil issue that isn’t brought to the mainstream as much of the other also important issues of our day, the current state of the indigenous people of our country, the Native Americans. The people who once lived in North America for thousands of years has been systematically reduced to what appears to be mainstream culture of casinos, sport teams, and mascots. Throughout recent years, as the population of native Americans keeps declining, there have been activists who have been speaking up against the many issues that their community faces. One such activist is Winona LaDuke of the Anishinabek people. Some of her trials and tribulations will be on the premise of social and economic policy as well has her own reflection of what she is striving to pursue and accomplish.

Winona LaDuke was born on August 18, 1959 to a father that was also native of the Ojibwa people from the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota and to a Russian Jewish mother who they both were activists as well. Although her parents separated at an early age, Winona would follow in her father’s footsteps as an activist, as he would instill in her the story of her people and the importance of preserving
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The very same pipeline that would run through her home of The White Earth reservation. She has argued about the way that the pipeline would not only disrupt the land on which she and her community live but also how it could possibly impact the environment, and destroy what the Anishinabek and Lakota people would try to protect. The pipeline is constructed in a way for tar sands (sand that has oil within it) to be transported from Alberta Canada to Texas for refinery’s. In 2013 she and a group of other tribe’s people

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