Informative Speech : My First Special Occasion Speech Essay

790 Words Mar 30th, 2016 4 Pages
I feel my informative speech was much better than my first special occasion speech that we had at the beginning of the semester. In my first speech, I was very nervous to get up in front of the class and present. I also did not have a very structured speech and it was a bit all over the place in my delivery. This time around, I felt I delivered my speech more clearly and slowly, allowing the audience to understand it better. I tried to make the most eye contact I could and used my visual aid timely and how I had planned. I also feel that I remembered and hit all my points and supporting details in my delivery. My points were clearly stated in my introduction as well as distinctly identified every time that I started to move on to another one. The information supporting my ideas, I believe, was provided well. I gave a lot of background information on Ghandi and used details that helped describes the kind of person he was, like working for the poor and leading the independence movement. I feel as though it would have been helpful to have more supporting details about Arleen Lorrance and her Love Principles but I could not find any other information than what I included. In my introduction, the three main points that were going to be discussed in my speech were clearly stated. I used the parallel format to restate and summarize these same points in the conclusion. For example, I started my speech asking how many people had heard of the quote and ended the presentation by…

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