Informative Speech: Donald Trump

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For our informative speech, we were assigned a Republican candidate. I received Donald Trump. We were to present the person in an unbiased manner that would be free from persuasion. When researching and presenting, I focused on more than just his political stance because Trump is a celebrity, rather than a politician, or businessperson like the other candidates (albeit him also being a businessperson). I discussed his early life, his personal life, his career as a businessman and writer, as well as his political views. After watching my presentation, I closely watched the use of my eyes, and patterns of voice. It was difficult to observe, but I noticed my eyes were primarily focused on the audience and I tried to make eye contact with everyone. …show more content…
I personally thought my introduction was the best part of my speech, and politely disagree with Nick saying it felt “rushed”. It gathered the attention of the audience, and also brought in the central theme of our assignment that was Republican candidates. What I could have improved on though, was adding a “bridge” so to speak in between my last sentence and the transition to smoothen the flow. A transition to a transition! After my introduction, I looked closely at how I interacted with the audience. My style of speech was not very conversational (besides asking if they knew if Trump was a writer that garnered laughter), and more clinical in nature. I noticed I read out facts for the most part, but I did feel the audience was engaged, and my hand gestures helped bring conversational elements to my presentation, making it flow better. From watching, I think my weakest part of my speech was my conclusion. I described the importance of knowing details like what I had discussed for when one goes to vote for primaries. While the closing idea was good, I paused a few times for more than a second, and overall was choppy. What I will do next time to keep better composure is practicing more with the conclusion as I tend to spend most of my time practicing the introduction and

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