Informative Essay About Being A Chef

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Truthful Culinary arts TV shows
Have you ever consider the struggles of being a chef? Well, Culinary Art is a good example where people often misunderstand the concept, choosing it either based on friend’s motivation or, commonly, as a product of The Media. Which makes it look very attractive and something completely different in order to make money because who want to watch a program based on an atmosphere of emotional tension and physical pressure, which involves bad words, shouts, shrieks and people angry yelling anytime while cooking dinner in a real life kitchen. Instead, The Media makes people think more about the nice part of the job; the creativity, unstressful and painless section where everybody can relax and watch shows like Top Chef and Master Chef after a tedious day of work. Ending up with, multiple probing dubious decisions, followed by drops and deceptions of inexperienced students whom enrolled in the food business, based on a lie, a hoax.
TV shows and media will try to hide the truth. However, there are so many aspects to take into consideration before choosing a major in gastronomy, that media would not be able to cover completely. On the other hand, careers are not perfect at all. And struggles might appear anytime. Especially talking about a daily life of a chef or a simple cook, which is not even easy at all. Where those struggles demand physically, emotionally and financially efforts, such as: Long shifts standing on their feet, facing extreme…

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