Information Technology Can Change The Way Business Compete Essay

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Question 1 …
Information technology can change the way business compete .For this reason I should view information system strategically that is as vital competitive networks. This means of organisational renewal, and as a necessary investment in technologies that help an enterprise achieve its strategic objectives.
The strategic role of information system involves using information technology to develop products, service and capabilities that give a schefenacker strategic advantages over the competitive forces it faces in the global market place. This information strategic information system, information system that support and shape competitive position and strategies of schefenacker.
The variety competitive strategic can be developed to help a firm these competitive forces. Become a lowest producer of product and services. Find ways to help suppliers or customers reduce their costs. Inclined the cost of competitors.
Develop ways to differentiate products and services from competitors. Reduce the differentiation advantages of competitors.
Find new ways of doing business. Schefenacker has freed up space on the factory floor for five new production cells. It uses to manufacture and develop new products and services. This will help company to enter new markets and market segments and establish new business collusions. This helps the company Find new ways of producing product and services.
Investment in information technology can also allow a business to lock in…

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