Information Assurance For Iowa State University Essay

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Overview of goals and objectives: According to Iowa state university, Information assurance is the method of maintaining and managing the risks regarding some information. Information assurance professionals try to protect the information and information systems by assuring authentication, confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. At whatever the phase the information is like storage, transition or processing, ensuring the protection of the information is the key. We can also say that assuring the authorized users to have access to the authorized information at the right time. If any violation happened, all the critical information will go into the wrong hands. Information assurance has the highest importance these days. The information can be assured by
Authentication: Authentication will provide the user an identity. Few processes which are used for the purpose of authentication are usernames, passwords, biometrics and a few other systems. For example, a person is accessing some web mail. If he is able to login with his credentials without entering wrong, then he would be said as an authorized person to access the mail.
Authorization: Authorization is the process where a user can access the resources. I continue my example, which I have explained in the earlier authentication. If a user logged into the web mail, the process where he logged in is called as authentication and after logging in, when he tries to access the mail is called as authorization.…

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