Influenza Vaccination: Advertising Campaign

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Influenza Vaccination
The Centers for Disease Control effectively advertises for promoting the influenza vaccination. By creating multiple advertisements, they appeal to a range of people. Each advertisement has its own technique and style to appeal to the desired audience. The advertising campaign effectively promotes the influenza vaccination to a range of audience by using flattery, universal appeal, and association. Flattery technique tells the consumer that they are important or unique and tries to convince them to use their product. In the campaign, “The Flu Ends with U” the advertisers are trying to imply that everyone has the power to stop the flu. They are trying to target a general audience to show that anyone can be responsible for stopping the flu by getting vaccinated. This is an effective advertisement because someone would see this and would want to go get vaccinated to stop the flu. In addition, it gives a wide range of audience rather than a specific one that would exclude others. By approaching the advertisement with a general audience, it proves to promote the vaccination more effectively. The universal
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One campaign connects it with music, which targets to young adults. It shows two young adults listening to music together, and having a good time. It states, “Spread music. Not Flu”. This associates something that people love to do, listen to music, with something that can keep people safe. Associating a positive feeling with getting a flu shot will cause more people to get vaccinated. In addition to music, popcorn and children are used to promote the influenza vaccine. The slogan at the bottom is, “Spread popcorn. Not flu” and it shows children eating popcorn together. This associates kids enjoying themselves with getting vaccinated. In addition, it relates these kids to the audience’s kids. This is very effective as well because it emphasizes a parents desire to protect their

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