Essay on Influence The Greco Roman Culture

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This paper intends to explain the influence the Greco-Roman culture has had in our society. Taking three examples, the objective of the essay is to indicate the origin of such elements taken as examples, as well as to show how are they present in today’s society. The Greeks left behind them several elements that we can observe are still used around the world, the ones considered for the essay are the trial by jury, and the Olympics. The Roman empire, on its side, was a perfect example of war tactics, dexterity, and dominance, as well as an remarkable system of trade. Nevertheless, the example to be taken from the Empire will be Christianity. While it is possible to observe completely different techniques and cultures these days, knowing that their legacy has lasted so many years and is still a part of society is certainly quite amazing.

Greco-Roman legacy and its influence in actual society

Both Greek and Roman cultures have been the target of several studies, investigations, writings, and exploration of their traditions, as well as their architecture, devices, techniques, and society in general. Being its first civilization “Minoan” (2700-1500 B.C.E), the Greeks were one of the most influential societies in ancient history. While only three examples will be taken from both Greek and Roman society, there are several Greek attributions worth mentioning, such as the scientific method, the theater, the importance of philosophy, the marathons, the…

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