Apollo Greek God Essay

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Greek mythology is the center of the ancient Greek world. Everything revolved around the gods, deities, and nymphs. Their society thrived on the guidance received from those of greater power. Precautions were taken in order to never offend any deity. These gods and members of greater power were held to higher standards than humanity and were worshipped as so. There are many Greek gods and deities that are common to many of us; Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and Hades. The one that I have chosen to do further research on is Apollo. In this paper, i will discuss the birth of Apollo, his sanctuaries and worship requirements, and a literary analysis of his character.
Apollo was one of Greek societies favorite gods. He was not only worshiped for
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The land, for the temple, was rectangular with dimensions of 123 x 183 meters. Upon approaching the temple you would enter from the east side of the building and the seat of the Pythia would be located at the west end of the building. The first temple of Apollo was built roughly in the 7th century BCE by two architects named Trophonios and Agamedes. This version however would not last, it was rebuilt in the 6th century after a fire ruined the original. The temple itself underwent three reconstructions but was eventually destroyed by Emperor Theodosius I in order to push for Christian beliefs. However, there are still remains of the Archaic temple of Apollo and pieces of sculpture. On the east pediment of the temple there are four horses in the center followed by three Korai and three Kouroi with lions hunting their prey on the ends. On the west part of the temple it depicts Dionysus among the Thiads. The Greek god Dionysus was believed to be similar to Apollo in the fact that they both were very young gods and did what they pleased. However, it is fair to say that Dionysus was more the mischievous of the two. He is more mischievous in the fact that when he wishes to punish someone, he puts them through trials and makes a joke more of them while Apollo is more direct in his

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