Influence of Vollmer and Wilson on Modern Law Enforcement Essay

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Abstract Concepts like crime prevention, authority, professionalism and discretion have evolved in modern law enforcement since the twentieth century. August Vollmer instituted university training as a tool for young officers in training and under Vollmer’s teachings; O.W. Wilson pioneered the use of advanced training for officers and is also known for the start of criminal justice as an academic field. Wilson was also instrumental in applying modern management and administrative techniques to policing. Vollmer’s drive for educational innovations and improvements has changed policing tremendously and is still practiced heavily upon in today’s modern law enforcement society.

August Vollmer Contribution to Modern Law Enforcement
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Not only was Vollmer concerned with the policing techniques and strategies, but he also wanted to improve the well-being of his police officers. He emphasized improved wages, modern facilities, and the dignity of performing an important service. The police field was rich
Vollmer and Wilson 5 ground for the application of new technical advances which met the needs of Americans living in an urban environment.
Modernization of Policing Bicycle patrolling was one institution of Vollmer’s modernization. Bicycle patrols were more common in urban areas. The use of bicycles instead of cars can make police officers more easily approachable, especially in low-crime areas. Bicycles can also be issued to police officers to enhance the mobility and range of foot patrols. Bicycles are also effective crime-fighting tools when used in densely populated urban areas. The bikes are nearly silent in operation and many criminals do not realize that an approaching person on a bike is actually a police officer. Furthermore, if the criminal attempts to flee on foot, the riding police officer has a speed advantage while able to quickly dismount if necessary. The bicycles are custom designed for law enforcement use. Centralized police records systems and computerized records systems preserve data integrity and enhance departmental efficiency. By establishing an integrated system for police records management, police departments can update, share, and access critical data via one

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