Essay On Video Games In American Culture

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Video games hold a high place in American culture. In the youth of America, video games are often looked at as more important than most things we do day to day. My generation is the first group to have been around the type of video games we have today. I imagine that my generation will be playing video games far into their lives. To get back to the topic of the youth and video games, the personalities and habits of younger kids in today’s world are far more different than kids who were growing up 20 years ago. In today’s world, kids do not have nearly as many face to face interactions as kids that grew up 20 years ago. Back then, technology was just coming out so many families didn’t have the money to buy the things that came out. Nowadays, almost every single family has a television and some type of smart phone. Most kids also have a video game console of some sort that they spend a lot of time on. I know that when I was a kid I spent a lot of time playing Xbox after school. I also played a sport so I spent time with my friends and got my physical activity done. In the Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, there was a study conducted on a group of children. They gave a group of kids a new video game, a group got an old game, and a group did not get a game. They concluded that the …show more content…
Video games are a thing a lot of college students play. With the stress of classes, and having your friends around, playing video games is a great tool to have. It is a stress reliever, and a great tool for being social. In “The Effectiveness of ‘In-Game’ Advertising: Comparing College Students ' Explicit and Implicit Memory for Brand Names.”, they say that 70% of college students admit to playing video games. Personally, I see more than that playing. Every single one of my teammates play some type of video game. I often spend time with the team and playing a video game is the main focus of the team when we were hanging

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