Influence Of Values In Sports

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I. Introduction According to (Padgett. n.p) Sports is an activity that has physical skills, capabilities like strength agility and stamina. It requires skill or physical prowess, competitiveness and endurance. It also involves skills that players train for so that they can reach their maximum potential in playing the sport. The positive effects of sports; first, it helps physical development a New Zealand New study conducted in 2006 suggested participating in physical exercise before and during the onset of puberty helps reach peak bone mass, enabling them to develop stronger muscles and bones that will be the foundation for future growth. Second, helps in weight control results to less risk in diseases that come from overweight. And lastly, …show more content…
Another, is parental pressure. Parents who live with their child’s accomplishments and without can put extreme stress to the player and can even cause them to not fully enjoy the sport anymore.
II. Body “Values are defined as perspectives about an appropriate course of action. If a person values honesty, then he or she will strive to be honest. People who value transparency will work hard to be transparent. Values are one important element that affects individual character and behavior towards others. The relationship between values and behavior is intimate, as values create a construct for appropriate actions.[...] Behavior- the way a living creature acts.". (How Values Influence behavior n.p.). It is important for children to learn good values and behavior to help them when they face influences as they grow up. Children learn honesty by applauding their courage for telling the truth. Learning honesty can counteract children from lying and being dishonest. Children learn courtesy and respect based on how people that surround them treat each other. This is why it’s important for parents to say “please”, “you’re welcome” and “thank you” because children model how their parent’s act or behavior. Learning courtesy and respect will
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Parents are their children’s first teacher, and provide them with knowledge that is necessary for survival through direct instruction. They also influence them unintentionally through their own daily actions, such as conversing with other adults while their child is present. Children are very prone to imitate the actions of those around them, especially adults. This was made clear in the Bobo Doll experiment done by Bandura, in which children that saw adults beating up a Bobo Doll did the same things to the doll. Lastly, parents are in charge of their child’s experiences and social interactions, and thus the environment the child is exposed to, with the parent’s permission shapes their future behavior. Although all parents influence their children through similar avenues, the ultimate affect on the child differs on parenting style.”

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